I heard a Muslim woman explain she came to Canada because of “freedom of religion,” yet she refused to take the covering off her face during the citizenship ceremony. So these people come here, supporting a philosophy that DENIES a variety of individual freedoms, especially to women, and then they have the nerve to put their personal philosophy ahead of the collective identity of the nation welcoming them into its borders? What is their ultimate goal, aside from being “persecuted for their beliefs” (which has a whole new meaning for Westerners going to Islamic countries), in coming to the western world and settling in lands where freedom equals the corruption of the Infidels? Are they here to share in the “corruption,” or to “correct” it with their own beliefs? That is the question our politicians refuse to answer because they are cowards and fools looking for easy votes. By the time the common people have to deal with the answer, it will be too late.